Tuesday, July 27, 2004

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Game Review


I loved this game as a child, and I love it now as a mommy. I have six kids, and I've noticed that my girls generally like this game better than my boys.
It is very colorful, and the movements across the board are based on the color of the card one chooses from the deck. If you pick a blue card, you move to the next blue square.

The game is spiced up by the addition of "special" squares and "special" cards... you might get one of these cards that moves you to the beginning of the game!! Or it might move you from near the beginning to the end!

It is a bit more unpredictable than Chutes and Ladders because of these cards.

It's a great tool when the kids are learning their colors, and also just for teaching the idea of taking turns and as an introduction to board games.

We keep it fun, and if the 3 year old really insists on going to a green square when he has a yellow card, well, we let him.

I recommend this one for preschoolers and the mommies who love them.