Wednesday, February 25, 2004

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Secrets in Marriage

Book Review
Integrity and Honesty by L. Ron Hubbard
This book presents the concepts of ethics and morality at a level that just about anyone can understand. The concepts are defined, and instead of feeling guilty for one's transgressions, there is a very simple, yet incredibly effective, way to address these things. The result is a feeling of relief.
People are basically good. When we make mistakes and hurt ourselves or others, we feel guilty. Until now, there has been no easy resolution to these feelings of guilt.

I recommend it for EVERYONE, but I want to state that it is very effective with preteens and teenagers, too. I know many families with teens that are doing great in life, and this technology has been indispensible to these families.

Since reading this information, my 9 year old son has become very honest. If he does something he shouldn't, rather than keep a secret about it, he'll come to me, which is a MUCH better solution than hiding one's transgressions.

L. Ron Hubbard