Monday, July 19, 2004

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Game Review
Harry Potters Sorcerer Stone

We actually enjoy playing this game, although the instructions were incomplete and we had to spend some time figuring out the rules of play ourselves.
One nice thing about this game is that the separate games don't all have to be played at once. You can take just one of the 6 game boards and play that, or you can hook them all up and play the through the whole thing.

Individually, some of the games are too simple, with not enough strategy or "game" involved to be lots of fun. Even still, it's fun enough for my kids (ages 6, 8 and 9) to find it endlessly amusing.

The pieces are as durable as thich cardboard can be expected to be, although there are a lot of them to punch out before starting the game. (That was actually very time-consuming, and somewhat irritating.)

The actual boards themselves are made out of a thin metal-type of material, which makes them bendable without putting creases in them. I like this material far better than cardboard.

My kids love this game, and I like it, too. I would hope that in the future manufacture of this one, that the instructions are more completely written up. I am sure there are some people who give up completely and don't bother with it, because of the poorly written instructions.

All in all, I think this is pretty fun, although I think the price is a bit high.