Tuesday, June 29, 2004

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Book Review:

The Family Handyman Wordless Workshop by Roy Doty, Roy Doty

What a cool book! The problem is presented in a cartoon. For instance.. (I have six kids, this is my favorite)... a woman sorting through laundry to wash, trying to separate the colors. Laundry is all over the floor in front of the machine.

The solution: A frame is built which holds six little trash bins, stacked up one on top of the other, so clothes can be sorted into them by color, without taking up much floor space at all. Then the woman is shown, emptying the whites into the washer - no mess!

No words are used but the methods of creating these little organizational solutions are very simple to understand.

I am not a handyman (or handywoman) at all, but I really felt these concepts were clear, and we have used several of the solutions presented.

Other little gems in this book are: drawing paper dispenser, making a 2-pole closet, creating a nice organizer for rakes, shovels and the like, a neat little stand for roller blades, a ball stacker that goes on the back of a door, and even a baby bottle rack.

Every project is simple to do and easy to understand.

I recommend this book for any large family! Some of us just need to have every organizational tool we can get our hands on!!