Monday, June 21, 2004

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Scientology in Los Angeles

Book Review:
Fast Fiction: Creating Fiction in Five Minutes by Roberta Allen

I have really gotten a lot out of this book. Ms. Allen breaks down the art of storytelling into 5 minute exercises that are easily done, and that can be linked together to complete longer stories - even full-length novels! By breaking the assignments down into 5 minute exercises, she takes a rather daunting task and turns it into something easily confronted and easily done. She gives lists of exercises which are varied and interesting, and which are geared to really stimulate one's creativity. There is even a section of photographs that one can use as a starting point in their writing.
I really enjoyed reading the samples of short shorts which she included, both from unpublished and published writers, and I found her appreciation for her students to be very encouraging.

I think she must be a wonderful teacher, and I am actually quite grateful that she has written this book. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys writing, or who thinks they MIGHT enjoy it if given the proper encouragement.