Wednesday, July 21, 2004

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Toy Review
Barbie Toy Store
My daughters really like this toy, and they still have a lot of the pieces, after more than a year. The pieces are durable, considering that they are little plastic things, and they are very cute and brightly colored. The toys are toys they are famliar with; a See-and-Say toy, and other popular Mattel toys. They can put these on the toy store shelves, and so Barbie and Kelly can buy them.
They don't just use them in the "store" setting, either. When Barbie and friends drive to the beach in the minivan or convertible, some of these toys generally go with them.

It's great for girls who like to play "store" and especially if those girls aren't likely to lose all the little pieces. These are more useful Barbie accessories than some, mainly because the toys are so familiar to my daughters.

This is a great price, too.