Tuesday, February 03, 2004

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Spooky Halloween Party (Step into Reading, Step 2, paper) by Annabelle Prager

This is a cute story about a boy who has moved to a new apartment and has to make new friends. He's a bit insecure because of the recent changes in his life, but then Halloween comes and no one looks like they're supposed to..
He thought he was too big to get scared on Halloween, but he finds out that's not the case!

This story isn't really scary to read, so it's appropriate for young children. The reading level is not for just-starting-out readers. Some of the harder words in the book are as follows: either, point, know, invited, climbed, faraway, special, though.

The text is big, and it's 48 pages. It's also a chapter book, so that's a nice encouragement for kids. There are only 8 chapters, and an average page has about 30 words on it. The pictures are nice, and the story is cute.

I recommend this one for kids at the 2nd grade reading level, as long as someone is there to help with the more difficult words.