Wednesday, December 03, 2003

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Help - The Biggest of All Human Rights by by L. Ron Hubbard

Book Review

The Chamber

I can't say I "loved" this story. Or that it's a "great" story. It's a very hard book to read - the issues raised are very intense and very difficult to read about. I ended up with questions I'd never had before, which made this book really valuable to me.

The death penalty, racism, hate crimes, family struggles, forgiveness, taking responsibility for one's actions are all covered in this one book - it was truly an intense read.

I cried through a lot of it. This is definitely not escapism, light reading! It's not terribly action-filled - very unlike other Grisham books I've read. But just as good as the other books I've read by him, if more emotional and heart-wrenching.

I am very, very glad I read the book, and I'm very glad my son is reading it. Don't expect to walk away from this one with the same views you had when you started it.