Saturday, July 03, 2004

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Book Review
Psychiatrists-- The Men Behind Hitler: The Architects of Horror by Thomas Roder

I think any comprehensive study of WWII should include this book. I read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" in high school, as part of my required reading for history class, but I think this book is much more complete in terms of what actually influenced Hitler, and the undue and horrifying influence the psychiatrists had on civilization.

What is even more upsetting is the realization that this same "science" continues to hold power over our culture. The proteges of psychiatrists who advocated horrific "experiments" and treatments including execution, are now influential psychiatrists in practice or in universities. This is frightening, folks, but I think it's important that we take a good long look at this book and the data presented.

My thanks to the author for presenting this material in such a compelling manner.