Sunday, May 23, 2004

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Pokemon Sorry Game
This game has gotten lots of play time in my house. It's more fun than the regular "Sorry" game, at least for Pokemon fans.

Each player chooses which "gym" will be his or her home - for instance, Blaine's gym, or Misty's gym. Then the pieces all belong to one type - Misty's pieces, for instance, are all Water Pokemon.

The safe spaces are Pokeballs, and the cards have special moves for the different colors of pieces.

It's a lot of fun for all our kids ages 4 and up, and even I like to play this one with the kids.

The educational value is that they read the cards, and lots of counting is needed to play the game. Plus, there is some strategy involved.

This game is sold at a good price for the amount of fun involved. I recommend this one!