Thursday, November 06, 2003

Website Review
Scientology Handbook - Helping Others Recover from Illness & Injuries

Not intended as an alternative to medical treatment, this website gives practical methods you can use to help people who have been hurt or ill. Much of the material in the booklet described below can be found here. Highly recommended.

Book Review
Assists for Illness & Injuries
I like this book because it gives practical, exact methods you can use to help others when they are hurt or ill.

Not designed as a method of healing, this book addresses the emotional and mental aspects of illness and injury. I've seen reports in the news in the past few years, that show that new research indicates that one's mental state affects how quickly healing occurs. I'm sure you've read them - older people with a pet at home recover faster from stroke. People who laugh often are less likely to have heart attacks. People who get hugged every day heal faster from certain illnesses.

Well, the idea is that the mind is a very powerful thing - that our bodies are affected by our state of mind.

This booklet gives these actual techniques you can use with someone who has been hurt, to help them with the mental and emotional affects of the illness or injury.

I'm telling you, these work!

These methods are called assists. My favorite assist is called a Locational. The technique is detailed in the book - exactly how to give someone a locational. I use this one on my children pretty often.

You know how kids sometimes will get upset about something, and stay upset for a while? For instance, a toddler runs across the room and falls down. Then proceeds to cry - for too long. You know he isn't really hurt, he's just upset. What do you do to help him get over it?

Well, I would give my toddler a locational - and by the end of the locational (usually less than a minute, in this kind of situation), he is laughing and happy!

My kids don't get sick very often, but when they do, we give them assists. They've learned to give them, too, and will give them to one another. They heal very quickly. When my youngest had RSV, a potentially deadly illness in a child his age, we gave him an assist in the hospital.

He was really sick - we took him to the emergency room when he developed a sudden fever and was having obvious respiratory problems. They transferred us to a larger hospital less than 2 hours later, as he wasn't responding to medication (his fever kept climbing - was at 104, and despite treatment he was having more difficulty breathing). It looked very scary, since nothing was helping him.

As soon as we arrived and got him settled into the emergency room at the second hospital, I gave him an assist outlined in this book. 20 minutes later his fever was suddenly GONE and his breathing was totally normal. The doctors were very surprised. They had him stay under observation for 4 more hours, then released him. His fever and other symptoms never returned.

The techniques in this book do not heal the person - but they help his state of mind so he CAN heal. So he CAN respond to treatment. So he isn't so distressed, and the power of his own mind can aid him, rather than hurt him in his healing process.

This is a vital book for anyone, but especially parents, because kids tend to live such rough-and-tumble lives. (At least my boys do!)