Friday, April 23, 2004

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Toy Review
Rescue Heroes Command Center

Lots of fun for all my kids September 9, 2000
My 5 year old son asked for this toy last Christmas. Well, it's September and it's still his favorite toy. His younger siblings, especially his brothers, also love this one. Even the 9 month old plays with it! It's extremely sturdy . In fact, toys almost never last this long in our house - and it's gotten tons of play time and it's actually still in perfect condition - unheard of here!

The Rescue Heroes action figures each have something to do with the tower. Their packs attach to the tower for storage and the whole ensemble is really cute and lots of fun.

This is a great price for a toy of this high quality. I've never been happier with the purchase of a toy before. My son still requests the figures - he has earned some and gotten some for his birthday, and this Christmas he wants more.

I highly recommend this toy.