Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Since I haven't posted much for a while, I thought I'd do a couple today:

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Toy Review

I think this toy is for younger toddlers September 9, 2000
We gave this toy to our 2 year old for Christmas, and he played with it a lot for the first month or so, but then completely lost interest in it. It is in really good condition, still, and it's been knocked around quite a bit (we have 4 boys in one bedroom - all their toys get rough treatment, and the fact that this one is still in one piece speaks for it's durability.)

The race track comes with stickers, but they aren't a good idea since they slow down the cars. Unfortunately, the regular "little people" cars are too big for the tracks, so only the two cars the track comes with can be used on it. A disadvantage if your child is likely to lose pieces to games, as mine are.

All in all, the price is really good, but the toy doesn't get a lot of playtime here. My 9 month old baby has shown interest in it, though, so we aren't completely finished with the toy.

I would recommend it only for the younger kids. Although the stated age range is 2 years to 6 years, I would say 1 to 3 years is more like it.