Wednesday, June 16, 2004

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L. Ron Hubbard (Italian)

Book Review
Ancient Egypt - Pbk (Growing Up) by Rosalie David

I would say this book is written for the 9 - 13 year old group. It is fun to read with nice illustrations, and told in a story-like manner. The problem with that is that it seems very fictional. Why does the author suggest that this is how ancient Egyptians lived? There is not much information about what has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs which verify the author's claims.

Perhaps this is fine for children with a passing interest in the subject, but my 9 year old is very skeptical and wants to know WHY it's supposed that Egyptians trained housecats to hunt, for instance.

The language is simple enough for 9 year olds, and there is enough to read to make it interesting.