Tuesday, February 24, 2004

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Book Review
Hogwarts Journal

This is unlike most journals in that, instead of blank pages, it's got some idea-starters for kids. I have found it's easier for my kids to think of things to write about if they have something to start from.
This one has various lists of things started already for the young writer. For instance, the topic will be provided: "Things to bring to Hogwart's school" and then some examples will be listed: cauldron, owl, broomstick, etc. Then the writer can add more things that should be taken to Hogwart's, according to the book. Or things HE would take to Hogwarts, like a favorite baseball cap or something like that. OR he could make a separate list on the opposite (blank) page of things he would take to HIS school. There is plenty of room for creativity here!

I think this is a great way to encourage writing in children. The text and graphics are aesthetic and fun, and the paper and binding are very high quality and nice to use.

Highly, highly recommended for all aspiring wizards!