Sunday, July 18, 2004

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Little People SchoolBus
It's MUCH nicer than the old model. For one thing, it now comes with a wheelchair, and a ramp at the back. My kids really think this is great, and so do I. The wheelchair itself is very cute and easy to use for little hands.
I also thought the wheelchair was great for giving the kids the opportunity to ask questions about wheelchairs.

The little people are adorable, much brighter than they used to be. And they are softer, now, too... one of these guys flying across the room and bonking someone on the head doesn't hurt quite so much as the old ones did!

They are larger and easier to handle than the ones we had as kids, and they are formed more realistically, as well. They actually have arms (they don't move, but they're there) and look more like people.

I've got 6 kids, and we've had this bus since Christmas. It is still in perfect condition, as are all the people, despite many hours of use in our household.

It was bought for the 1-yr-old, but it is played with by all the children, but mostly those ages 6 and younger.