Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Website Recommendation
Craig Bader

Jazz teacher discusses Scientology and how it improved his life.

Book Review

Hocus Pocus

This is probably the most entertaining Halloween movie I've seen.

The story is a little bit scary - but not gory or too frightening. The bad witches are quite funny and boy, can they sing!

The costumes are wonderful - the music is great. Bette Midler is truly hilarious. (All three witches are hilarious.)

It's much more funny than creepy. Definitely lighthearted fun.

The only reservation I have in recommending this as a family movie, is that the trouble all starts because a virgin lit a candle in the witches' old house, thus bringing them back from the dead. The fact that the boy was a virgin was mentioned a number of times (he was teased about it by his kid sister.) And so, a couple of my kids then asked what virgin means. Which is a question that can come up around Christmastime, too, so it's not really that terrible. But I wanted to mention it so any parents reading this review are aware of it.