Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Website Review

Scientology Marriage Solutions

This website provides information about marriage help, a very thorough marriage compatability test you and your spouse can take, and resources for getting help if your marriage is in trouble.

The site is easy to navigate, very aesthetic-looking, and provides some good info.

Book Review

The Story of Us (1999) VHS ~ Bruce Willis

I watched this video with my husband and I must say that no movie I have ever seen has so accurately portrayed married life as I know it. At one point I was a bit embarrassed that tears were flowing so freely down my face - and I looked over at my husband, and tears were running down his face, too. And he NEVER cries.
The title is perfect -- the Story of Us was about US, too. The trials of marriage, and the joys, and at the end, Pfeiffer described marriage exactly as I see it. It was wonderful to watch in a movie! It was validating - it wasn't the romanticized, idealized version of marriage that would leave someone feeling like their marriage is lacking. Nor was it a cynical look at marriage. It is a celebration of the marriage in the face of the realities of life.

My husband said we should watch this one twice a year for the rest of our lives - and I agree.

I wholeheartedly recommend this one to any married couple. Anyone who hasn't been married might not like this one, but that's okay. I believe the intended audience is for those of us who have experienced marriage for some time.