Monday, October 13, 2003

The Complete Book of Time and Money (The Complete Book Series) by American Education Publishing

My 7 year old son decided he wanted to do this workbook without any interference from me. He refused to even let me check his work.

I had my doubts, but he completed the book and gave it to me to look over, and he actually DID understand each exercise!

It is all laid out in perfect little steps that aren't too hard. The very basic information is given to the child, so he or she never gets confused.

I love this book and plan to teach all 6 of my children about time and money using nothing else.

This is one of the best workbooks I have ever come across -- and I'm a homeschooler, and I've looked at plenty.

I highly recommend this one!

Amelia Bedelia (An I Can Read Book) by Peggy Parish, Fritz Siebel (Illustrator)

My daughter was having some trouble coming up to speed on her reading skills, and this book was really helpful to her.

I tend to like the I Can Read Books, anyway, but this one in particular helped my daughter, because she was so fond of the story itself.

Amelia Bedelia is loveable and absurd. Kids can really relate to the humor -- Amelia Bedelia finds herself in trouble over misunderstanding the dual meanings of words.

This is a good illustration of what not understanding the full meaning of a word can do to a person (and all the trouble that it can create) and it's something that every child has come across at some point or another.

It is ridiculous and funny, and what kid doesn't like ridiculous and funny?

This is a good one, particularly for girls, I think, since the Amelia is female, and there don't seem to be as many books out there starring women or girls as there should be.

ISBN: 0060201878

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The Big Picture Book of Family Values by Jeff Weber (Illustrator)

As a mother of 6 children, I am always looking for better ways to do things.

My kids have always been pretty good kids. They are naturally helpful and happy, but this book has helped me to reinforce positive behaviors in my children even more.

It comes with a gameboard that sticks to the fridge, and little magnetic pieces. We had to get some extra pieces, since we had 5 kids playing the game and only 2 pieces that came with it. We just got some little magnets from Radio Shack, which work great.

Here's how it works: each left-hand page shows a negative behavior (such as a kid throwing his dirty clothes on the floor) and on the opposite side is the positive behavior (the kid putting the clothes in the hamper). No words -- just the pictures.

This may seem boring, but my kids have spent HOURS perusing this book, ON THEIR OWN, and discussing the actions with one another.

We use the game by moving each child's piece forward one square everytime they do something helpful and positive. We don't "punish" for negative behaviors, just reward the positive ones. When they get to the end of the game they get a prize -- I keep a box of books, candy, little toys, etc., that they can choose from.

This is a WONDERFUL system and a WONDERFUL book. Anyone with a houseful of children could use this one! (I imagine it works just as well with one or two kids, too.)

ASIN: 1893252000

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