Friday, July 16, 2004

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Book Review
The Haunting
The acting was really great, but some aspects of the storyline were a bit choppy. The scenery was magnificent, but some of the special effects were not the best.
It was an interesting combination of elements, actually. Some of it was pretty scary, and the superb acting made it altogether pretty palatable, despite some awkwardness in the plot.

I never did fully understand HOW the character in trouble here got to be in this situation.. it seemed as though some vital scenes must have been cut out of the movie.

Zeta-Jones was really great, and I'm glad I saw the movie if only for her character. She was just so darned likeable and funny!

If you really like ghost stories, then you'll probably like this one. It reminded me of the older "scary" movies that I grew up with ... more tense moments and ghostly happenings than gore.